Get Started

Here are the steps needed to start renting our kitchens

  1. Set up a tour

    1. Arrange a tour by filling out our Contact Us form.
  2. Provide proof of insurance or surety bond.

    1. $1,000,000 General Liability insurance including products/completed operations on a "per occurrence" basis.
    2. Name additionally insured as Mulvihill Farms, Inc. DBA Kitchen Spaces on the certificate.
    3. "Any and all jobs" must be listed on the certificate.
    4. Insurance carrier must be acceptable in accordance to Best Guide Standards ("A" Rating)
    5. If you don't have an insurance carrier, we highly recommend Kari Taylor at State Farm, 515-278-8882.
  3. Obtain licensing if needed

    1. If you are selling food to the public, you will need licensing from Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals
    2. If you are not selling food and are just cooking for your own usage then you don't need licensing to use our kitchens.
  4. Submit $100 deposit

    1. The deposit covers minor costs like cleaning if needed.
    2. Any reductions in your deposit must be brought back up by the beginning of the month in order to continue renting a kitchen.